Greetings milords. We've been looking forward to this day for a long time. We're finally able to unveil the game we've been working on for more than a year. It's called Dinolords and it's a medieval realtime strategy game of our dreams coming to Steam Early Access in Q1 2025.

As you take direct command of the Lord, you'll gather resources, hunt and tame the land. You'll use your resources to build a thriving settlement, attracting villagers and automating resource gathering and production. You'll construct and upgrade specialist buildings that'll keep your growing population happy and ready to be trained and enlisted in your army.

Construct fortifications and man the ramparts as the enemy attacks with an arsenal of fierce dinosaurs. Participate in these battles with strategic commands to your troops and your own sword and bow ready.

Dinolords merges the strategy of RTS with the immersion of an Action RPG in a brew that's both nostalgic and entirely new.

We are not only announcing a game today, but we're also announcing that we'll make this game through open development. We're committed to sharing the journey and fostering a community through to our Early Access release and beyond. We hope you want to join us.