Dinolords just crossed 10k wishlists!

We are all completely overwhelmed by the incredible reception our announcement has received, both through media but also all the great comments and questions from you guys. Making a game we ourselves think is interesting and cool is one thing, but sharing that excitement more than doubles it, and that is because of all of you.

We would like to share some of our favourite quotes from various media with you guys, as a way to celebrate, so here goes:

Jonathan Bolding from PC Gamer:
"You'll also, obviously, get your own dinosaurs eventually or why are we even here. [...] I'm in. This idea is too goofy to not be at the very least hysterical."

Don't we all just want our own pet dinosaur?

Liam Dawe from Gaming on Linux:
"Featuring a mixture of real-time strategy, city-building, resource gathering and… medieval dinosaurs. Well then, that's definitely a unique mixture and Dinolords went right into my wishlist. Coming from developer Northplay and Ghost Ship Publishing it ticks a lot of the right weird boxes for me."

We heard Liam had to do an extra take when writing the headline for the article, but to be fair it is also a pretty wild one!

Edwin Evans-Thirlwell from Rock Paper Shotgun had some burning questions:
"where are the velociraptors? What kind of medieval shield formation is best when you're looking down the nose of a charging triceratops? Can I fertilise my grain fields with stegosaurus dung? And what's the Old Norse for "clever girl"?"

And to answer those: 1. They are prowling somewhere in the marshlands, 2. The one where you run as fast as you can, 3. Only with a really big poop scoop, 4. "slœgr meyla"

Imogen Donovan from NME:
"‘Dinolords’ is a new strategy game with dinosaur-riding Vikings
In this timeline, dinosaur eggs were defrosted in Greenland

While we are not quite sure on what they mean by "this" timeline, we appreciate the acknowledgement of complete historical accuracy!

Bogdan Robert Mateș from Game Watcher:
"Dinolords' Danes have not only learned to harness the power of dinosaurs but also thought that strapping armor onto the beasts is a sound idea."

It was the only logical next step, what's scarier than an already scary thing? An armored scary thing!

To round off this post, we would like to thank all of you who wishlisted, followed, or just read about Dinolords and found yourself here. It is because of you that we get to make this dream of creating a real-time strategy game a reality.