Let's Party Like It's the Mesozoic Era!

Hey everyone!

Things have been a little wild after the Triple-i Initiative event (in case you missed it, a VOD can be found over on YouTube). Loads of you saw the new trailer and it was your first introduction to Dinolords, and a lot of you went to our steam page and pressed that blue wishlist button. So many in fact, that we have just reached 70.000 total wishlists!

To say we are humbled and honoured is an understatement. We are completely overwhelmed by the interest, your comments and reactions, and that there are so many who - like us - want a super rad RTS-ARPG hybrid with cool dinosaurs!

We were already working hard, but this incredible interest and interaction with you guys have been invigorating to the point where I have absolutely looked at if it'd be possible to open a real Dinosaur Park from cloned eggs, but so far my search for frozen ones under the ice caps on google maps have been less than fruitful.

We want to take this opportunity to say a huge 'Thank You' to every single one of you who have wishlisted Dinolords and are joining us on this journey to make an awesome game! Without you, this would not have been possible, and it is through your support that we will be able to continue working on the project after Early Access, where we plan to make some neat stuff!

So thank you, from the bottom of our Jurassic Hearts, you are all awesome!

Photo of (some of) the team at this years Danish Game Awards.

The Tripple-i event also lead to some great video comments and press coverage, and we want to share some highlights with you guys.

Youtube comments

History channel at midnight.

When are more developers going to understand that all games are better with Dinosaurs in them.

never thought a stegosaurus with viking shields would go so hard

Lore accurate denmark


GameCentral at metro.co.uk
"Don’t even get us started on the perverse lack of dinosaur-related video games, just let us be thankful that we have a new one, in the wonderfully bizarre Dinolords – which involves 11th century England being invaded by Vikings riding dinosaurs."

Robin Valentine at PCGamer
"A warlord leaping into the fray on a feathered raptor mount. Siege weapon-bearing stegosaurus marching into battle in wooden armour that makes them look like upturned viking longships. Pikemen struggling to subdue a wild ankylosaur and steal its eggs. Honestly, it's the stuff dreams are made of."

Eddie Makuch & Steve Watts at GameSpot
"Dinolords, a game with a cool concept–you're a knight who rides dinosaurs–is in the works for PC and got a new trailer during the showcase."

Andrew Webster at The Verge
"At first blush, this doesn’t look all that different from other medieval-themed strategies. But then there are the dinosaurs."